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Contents                                  The VELUX House

        Why VELUX skylights                      The possibilities are endless

          1 The VELUX House                      Roof windows are perfect for
                                                 upper floor bonus rooms where
          3 The logical choice for any skylight   they will be within reach for
                                                 easy opening. Features include
          5 Choosing the right glass             a sash that rotates inward for
                                                 easy cleaning from the inside
                                                 and a ventilation flap that
                                                 allows for fresh air circulation
                                                 when the window is closed.
                                                 Pages 33-40
          7 Solar Powered “Fresh Air” Skylights
          11 Electric “Fresh Air” skylights                               Eligible for a
         15 Manual “Fresh Air” skylights                                 30%
         19 Fixed skylights
                                                                      Federal tax credit
         25 Self-flashed skylights                                      Receive an average of
         29 Special order blinds                                       $850* on product and
                                                                      installation with federal
         33 Roof windows                                                tax credit eligibility
                                                 The Solar Powered “Fresh
         41 Three layers of protection warranty
                                                 Air” Skylight features a
         43 Deck mounted flashing systems         solar panel that charges an
         44 Curb mounted flashing systems         internal battery and control
                                                 system. The skylight is remote
         45 Skylight accessories
                                                 controlled and solar powered,
         47 SUN TUNNEL™ skylights                which means it requires no
                                                 additional wiring, making
         53 SUN TUNNEL™ skylight accessories
                                                 for easy and cost effective
         55 Modular Skylights                    installation. An integrated
         59 NEW Instant light shaft              rain sensor closes the unit in
                                                 case of rain and it is a No Leak
                                                 Skylight, with our 3 layers
                                                 of water protection, covered
                                                 by our 10-year installation
       Testing data                              warranty.

         61 Testing data                         Pages 7-10

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