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The flat glass, low profile SUN TUNNEL™                   The electric “Fresh Air” models feature
                           skylight creates a sleek look on any roofline            pre-mounted Pick&Click!™ system brackets,
                           and is perfect for those developments                   making installation of sunscreen blinds
                           where local ordinances do not allow domed               a snap. A single hard wire connects to a
                           skylights.                                              standard junction box.
                           Page 49                                                 Pages 11-14

                                                                                             SUN TUNNEL™ skylights are
                                                                                             a great way to bring natural
                                                                                             light into areas where a
                                                                                             window may be impractical.
                                                                                             Pages 47-51

                                                                                             The Solar Powered “Fresh
                                                                                             Air” Skylight is available for
                                                                                             both deck mounted and curb
                                                                                             mounted applications.

                                                                                             Pages 7-10

                           The manual “Fresh Air” skylights                   Our fixed skylights feature a pre-
                           open and close using a control rod                 finished white wood frame and
                           that operates a smooth turning                     protective aluminum or copper
                           handle when the skylight is out                    cladding. The streamlined
                           of reach.                                          exterior profile does not
                                                                              obstruct your roofline.
                           Pages 15-18
                                                                              Pages 19-24

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